blackjackgabbiani said: Flossing anon--they have these sticks with switchable floss holders (the floss is built in!) and even me with my horrible gag can tolerate it, so look into those!

Anonymous said: I've just gotten back from another sad trip to the dentist and they've given me yet another lecture on flossing. Flossing is a really bad sensory experience for me (the floss is nasty feeling, spit gets on my fingers, not good) so I'm wondering if you might know the answers to a few things A) is flossing really as necessary as dentists insist and B) do you have any tips to make the experience different or better? I'd love to have healthy beautiful teeth but it's just so hard atm

Yes. Flossing is extremely important. You know how sometimes after a while your breath gets a rotten sort of smell that doesn’t go away for long between brushings? Likely food material stuck between teeth. The bacteria build up between teeth can cause swollen and sore gums, and can cause a lot of problems like bleeding gums and if left for too long, cavities. 

I have two go-to problem solvers for flossing, thankfully!
The first is eez-thru floss or a similar material of floss. This floss is a thin plastic material reminiscent of stretched out plastic grocery bags, rather than the stringy abomination that normal floss is. 

My other solution more along the lines of the spit on fingers and floss holding aspect. It’s hard to find these with the plastic floss, but at least it’s a different problem solved!

You should be able to find them in most pharmacies in the dental care section!
I hope this has helped!

Anonymous said: For the concert anon, maybe one of those rubber bracelets that often get sold to support various causes would work? It would be a discreet thing and the rubber can be soft and smooth to rub, and you could take it off and play with it. I don't go to concerts because of my sensory stuff, so I don't know if this is any use, but I wanted to share just in case.

Anonymous said: i go to concerts but sometimes they flash lights. this can cause a really bad overload in me. i had to have help walking out before because i couldnt walk on my own. ive since came up with a lot of coping mechanisms that keep me from getting such a bad overload. but at a recent show they had the lights on longer and it was difficult to cope with my usual mechanisms. i really wanted to grip something preferably something soft and squishy almost like a plushie. (cont in next ask)

however very few people know im a turtle. what can i carry to stim with that would be discreet or look normal? i also would like it to be smaller than a plushie because i dont usually carry a bag.

First of all, you should probably talk to a doctor to make sure that what you’re experiencing isn’t connected to an epileptic reaction. It might not be, but it’s definitely something that should be ruled out.

Have you looked into stress balls? or those squishy silicon balls with the water inside of them? Stress balls come in a range of densities and textures, and it would be fairly discrete. I found a huuuuuuge selection here: ( )

Sometimes you can find small plushies for keychains at stores aimed at preteens. Claire’s comes to mind as somewhere that would have something like that! 

Anyone else have some suggestions?

Anonymous said: How do you tell the difference between being an HSP and having SPD? I know I am an HSP, but I think I have a lot of sensory problems that go beyond it. I had some sort of motor skills therapy when I was a kid but I wasn't diagnosed with anything.

From what I’ve read, it seems HSPs may have some aspects of SPD, though the other factors seem to make it seem like a different thing all together.
I don’t think they’re mutually exclusive.
This is how I personally see it, though I’m not a trained professional:

SPD is about the inability to process sensory stimuli, whether it’s hypersensitivity or hyposensitivity. This is stuff like touch, smell, taste, hear, see. These stimuli cause anxiety because your brain can’t understand what’s happening and is quickly overwhelmed by them.

HSPs, on the other hand, I see as more emotionally and socially sensitive, though there are SPD traits as well. One site I looked at,, mentions things like introversion, shyness, an aversion to violent movies, and being easily overwhelmed by too much work in too little time. These are legitimate things, but I think this is the main difference between being HSP or having SPD by itself. A lot of this emotionally linked, and a lot of it seems to stem from generalized and social anxiety.

HSP and SPD are connected by the sensory stimuli, most definitely, but I think it’s those other factors that really determine if it’s HSP or solely SPD.

I hope this has helped! :D

Anonymous said: i cannot stand the smell of rice getting cooked. it feels like the smell is gonna strangle me or something. ugh ugh ugh.

Hey guys sorry for the delay on some of your questions!

The easy to answer/ranty asks are quick for me to deal with, but the ones that require longer answers take a bit of time that I don’t quite have at this moment.
My week’s been jam packed full of school stuff (note writing until midnight last Friday springs to mind) but I’m almost caught up for this week! Expect answers to resume Wednesday or Thursday!
Sorry again, guys!

Anonymous said: ugh this blog all of it but espicially heat related things. i freak out in the heat, fortunately i have AC but still. it feels nasty and i cant escape it and i start panicing

Ugh so jealous that you have AC! I have the strategic placement of a small fan and widows with a cross breeze :P

Anonymous said: Sucker sticks, popsicle sticks... the feeling makes me sick!! I now use the wrapper of whatever I'm eating and wrap it around the stick. I can now eat all kinds of popsicles and suckers with little to no issue!

I do the same thing! We have these tasty popsicles here called Melona and they’re soft and creamy without dairy, and I use a fork to pry it in half off the stick to eat it from a bowl! :P

Anonymous said: Having to drink out if a waxed paper cup without a straw is my worst nightmare.