Anonymous said: Having to drink out if a waxed paper cup without a straw is my worst nightmare.

Anonymous said: I never thought my SPD extended to food until my mom's boyfriend started cooking for us... I guess I gotta start heating up my own veggies though, because how he makes them makes me sick. I just don't want to offend him- and I can't explain it because he doesn't speak english.... And I know my mum will be mad that it's affecting me... Just needed to get that off my chest. Thank you so much for making the sea turtle tho- I feel so understood on this blog!!!

Family matters are always difficult to navigate. :(

Venting is always welcome here!

ss-unshine said: I'm not sure if I do have a sensory problem. I always hated wearing tights when I was little because of the seam and trousers because bc how slack they were, I don't like the thought of nails scraping against something I get extremely anxious is things are too loud and I've been in tears at sleepovers because everyone was talking when I wanted to go to sleep and there was too much light and I wasn't used to sleeping in such a place (I put blankets up at my windows :'() I also have Dyspraxia hah.

Dyspraxia and SPD seem to have some sort of connection, and based on what you’ve said it’s very possible you have a sensory based issue! But I’m not a professional, so I have no authority to diagnose you, let alone over a tumblr ask. :P

lacyandspacey said: Hey, thanks for answering my questions! (I'm just going to de-anon myself because eh). I was wondering, after getting a diagnosis, is it common to start to feel like your symptoms get more intense? Like I never noticed that light and sound bother me so much, but I think it might be because I'd sort of been forced into thinking that always having sore eyes and ears is normal, if that makes sense? Also, is always feeling tired a common thing amongst SPD peeps? Thank you again for all your help!

being aware of stuff like that can make things feel worse, I find. That’s where cognitive therapy techniques come in handy, because the goal is to keep yourself from obsessing and stewing over the things that are causing you pain or anxiety.

I tend to feel tired when overwhelmed, and I think it’s the body’s way of trying to do damage control. When overstimulated, most people have reported getting tired or straight up crashing. After a long difficult day, I definitely like to curl up in bed and make it an early night. :)

I guess this must be a sensory thing. The smell, taste and texture of celery are all abhorrent to me. I can’t walk into a room with celery in it without feeling nauseous. It’s fine if it’s in soup and has lost its celery-ness, but ugh, celery! I can’t believe people eat it!

Anonymous said: Anon from just then! My therapist has been able to identify that I have sensory issues, but she isn't qualified enough to diagnose me with SPD, and I'd have to go to an occupational therapist for that. But I guess I want to know if I sound like I have it before I fork out the money!

I’m not a professional so I’m not qualified to give legally binding advice, but it sounds to me like it’s SPD. Since your therapist thinks it’s SPD I think it’s safe to say it’s probably SPD! 
Good luck!

Anonymous said: Hello! I've recently been to a therapist for what I thought was anxiety, but turned out to be sensory issues and sensory overloads! I'm not sure if that means I have SPD though? I basically have to constantly be fiddling or stimming or my body feels like it's not there. I get overloaded by lots of light and sound, and my eyes and ears start hurting and I get nauseous and my body feels light. Touching nice fabrics and stimming helps calm me back down. Does this sound like SPD? Thank you!

Yes yes yes yes yes! That’s definitely what SPD is! I’m glad you saw a therapist that could recognize the source of your overloads!
Welcome to the blog!

Anonymous said: hi! i have touch symmetry problems, among other things, and i am so, so happy that i found this blog. its been a thing that ive been having problems with all my life, and when i saw the two confessions about it i got so happy that i nearly cried.

I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog!
Feel free to make pictures to submit, or vent out on here any time you need to! It’s what the blog is here for!

Anonymous said: okay so thank you for this blog cuz it has taught me more about my SPD than my actual parents have. Do you have any tips about improving eating habits? I'm really grossed out by textures and smells to the point where I can't eat vegetables and a lot of things that I should. thank you so much!

I haaaaaate most cooked vegetables, but I find when they’re raw I have a much better chance of being able to deal with them. Puréed vegetables in stuff like soups could work, too. I only like super thick soups when I dip tasty bread into them.
I find that just trying things in my own time helps me overcome my sensitivities with food. Cooking my own food has really helped me expand my food horizons, because I can put whatever ingredients I know I like into the food and leave out the ones that make me sick or that I just don’t like.

Anyone else have some suggestions?

daedric-cisphobe said: just wanna share some happiness <3 so i'm misophonic but music always helps me block out stuff and i got some high-quality earbuds today and i can hear every part of the song and i can block out my triggers without destroying my hearing completely and just yay <3

Yay for high quality audio equipment! :D