Anonymous asked: Have you ever heard of spd being worsened by sickness/menstruation?

Here are a couple of recent posts on this topic!

toboldlysplitinfinitive asked: do you know if spd has a genetic link? because I feel like my mum has a lot of symptoms too, but not the same ones as me!

I personally think there could be. I also think that you can become more aware of things that bother you if you have a parent that’s bothered by the same things. But definitely I think there might be an aspect to SPD that can be inherited. (I am not a licensed professional)

hopelesstetris asked: I started taking medication (concerta and flouxetin) that is making my mouth dry and weird and it's driving me insane; freaking out every morning because the texture of my tongue is just, ugh. Drinking water hurts. Those tablets you're supposed to chew make me gag. Does anyone have any suggestions for a texture sensitive turtle?

I started on Cipralex this month, and it has that gross mouth dryness thing too! Online suggestions include eating watery fruits and vegetables like watermelon, cucumber, celery, or anything else that’s full of water. Other good suggestions I found were breathing steam and limiting the consumption of alcohol or caffeine, as they can both really dry a person out.
Any other suggestions would be more than welcome!

Anonymous asked: ah (food cw) the sound of eating is the biggest trigger for me I mute the tv as soon as I see a food commercial and always listen to music in class in case someone brings CHIPS (my biggest enemy) >:^0 I just related to that anon, I love your blog!

haxaaya asked: (food tw, capslock cw) uuuuugh my brother and his baby sitter are sitting right across from me and chit-chatting wHILE MUNCHING ON FROSTED FLAKES AND I HAVE TOLD THEM ABOUT MY SPD AND HOW EATING FOOD REALLY TRIGGERS ME AND I'M TRYING TO PLAY A VIDEO GAME SO IT'S NOT LIKE I CAN JUST GET UP AND LEAVE AND I AM SO FUFKCIGN MAD RN I AM SO DONE *bawls into infinity*

)): People are the literal worst.

Anonymous asked: So I just saw a tunner for pianos and stuff and i'm crying and in pain thinking about the time last year someone brought one to school and thought it would be funny to hit it and pressed it on my ear because they noticed me fliching everytime they hit it agaist something. Than everyone started to freak out because i blackout and when i got back up i was crying and having a panic attack, i wish i didn't see that tunner now! I'm sorry for ranting but having spd and that just ruined my day and just

Tuning rods can be nasty! I loved to play with my mom’s (she used to tune pianos) but I would always hit it against my knee! 
I’m sorry you had a really bad experience with people who were being jerks. ):

guoulguoulguoula asked: What test is run to diagnose adults with SPD? I never was diagnosed as a child and when I go back as an adult I want to be tested for this and synesthesia as we as a few other sensory disorders.

When I went through it I was in grade 10. An OT came over and had a good long chat with me, and left me a questionnaire to fill out. The combination of observing my habits, living space, and reactions to things as well as the sheet gave her all the information she needed! I’m sure every one has their own prefered process for diagnosing people, but that was my experience!

Anonymous asked: Do you have any knowledge about why, when someone is sick, their SPD can worsen?

The same reason stress affects it. Your body is under extreme stress when you’re sick. I hope you aren’t sick!