Anonymous asked: Does anyone else experience shifts in sensory processing when taking medications? I'm currently on a SSNRI (duloxetine) and I've noticed a difference, things seem less intense or maybe it increases my tolerance or threshold.

I’m on an anti anxiety medication right now (Cipralex for a generalized anxiety disorder) that helps me be able to shorten the length of time I’m wound up after being overwhelmed. Things still bother me a lot, but I’m quicker to calm down after it all goes down.

Anyone else have some observations about taking prescribed medication?

Anonymous asked: Is it possible to develop SPD later in life, like late teens? And if I'm concerned, should I talk to a doctor or a therapist/psychologist? Thank you.

It does get worse with age, so you may have had mild symptoms earlier in life, but can only notice them now?
Occupational Therapists that focus in autism spectrum disorders is your best bet for an accurate diagnosis!

Anonymous asked: the meme generator isn't working so here's how I'm gonna vent it: BLOWFLIES

Wuh woh! I thought I got that pesky link working again! I’ll try and fiddle with some stuff! :)

I am SO GLAD we don’t have blowflies here! We hardly get any mosquitoes, either!

Anonymous asked: Arms anon: I don't think it's a muscle thing because it's been happening to me for ages. It's closer to the skin, so I was thinking it could be a sensory issue. Sorry for not clarifying.

oh! Hm I’ve never experienced it myself, but I’m sure other people will be able to weigh in on it! :)

Anonymous asked: Does anyone else get a sort of pain in their upper arms when they're washing them or putting on lotion? Like a muscle soreness but more on the surface? It doesn't hurt to touch them otherwise, just when directly washing or moisturizing them. I thought it might be residual soreness from my tattoos, but I'm only inked on my left arm and both get sore. I haven't done any arm workouts (or workouts at all) lately, so I can't figure out what causes the soreness. I'm wondering if it's SPD or just me.

Sometimes seemingly insignificant movements or sleep adjustments can utilize muscles that haven’t been worked in a while. If you’re concerned about it at all, you should definitely get it checked out by a physician!

Anonymous asked: Ah, is it normal to feel like some fabrics are slightly sticky (and that they make your hands sticky) when neither they nor your hands are actually sticky? I thought all my sensory problems were auditory, but I noticed it (it's always been a thing, though, I think) today at the fabric store and my mum said she's never noticed it so? I think one of them was some sort of silk. It's an icky feeling, I had to go touch the fluffy faux-fur to get it off my hands... idk if this is normal or not?

I don’t really think in terms of “normal” and “abnormal” anymore, because normal is a subjective thing that changes from person to person. It even changes in neurotypical people!
I definitely understand what you’re saying about sticky fabric, though! I feel sort of the same thing when I work with most acrylic yarns. I hate how they stick to the needles and squeak and just huuurrrrhjhghrtlgwhwi
Fabrics and fabric production are a weird thing with SPD hahaha :P

idrabear asked: Hey I wanted to see if any fellow turtles have some advice! I live in a VERY dry climate and I really need lip balm, but I can't stand the feeling of anything on my lips. Is there any balm that you use that feels as close to nothing being on your lips as possible? (Note: I don't have a problem with medicated/tingly/minty, but I hate thick/sticky/goopy/obviously present balms). :/ So far the best bet has been Burt's Bees/Avon non-mint balm, but it's still not great. Any help would be appreciated!

melon-lord-ozai asked: NSFW anon: until 16 or 18 you don't really get to tell your doctor what they can and cannot tell your parents, so def keep that in mind. And, the clitoris has so many nerve endings so direct stimulation can feel painful, and after orgasm (cont.)

After orgasm that area is extra sensitive, so it’s possible that that combined with any sensory stuff you have is causing the pain. I know that’s what happens for me, but if it still worries you go with your gut and get it checked out.

Anonymous asked: (sorry for the bad english) For the young anon with the clit-pain: there is a tumblr blog called orgasmictipsforgirls, most of the posts are regular tips but the blog owner is really kind and answers all questions (I wrote her a couple of stupid questions and she was really nice and helpful) and knows a lot! if you can't go to a doctor maybe you could ask on that blog (maybe someone else has exactly the same feelings)

Great suggestion! Knowing about your body and how it works is super important, and asking people with a lot of knowledge about the particulars is a really great option to have!

Anonymous asked: My sister goes to bed really late and she always does a like half-hour long routine before going to bed and for some reason she keeps the sink on. The sink makes a REALLY grating awful noise when the water rushes out and it is AWFUL to be woken up by the sink and then have to hear it for so long. It means I can't get back to sleep. When I try to talk to her about it she and my mom get mad and tell me to get over it. Not that helpful. Advice?

All I can really think of are earplugs or any other sound diminishing method. That or sleeping pills. Nothing wakes me up from those!
Consult a doctor if you’re considering medication.